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Healthy Life Bariatrics is the product of ten years of carefully listening to our patients’ needs. We have identified the recipe for success by studying each patient’s experience and the struggles they endure as we apply the most effective treatment methods and tools into a single program. The HLB program is truly unique in bringing together multiple disciplines of medicine and surgery under one roof to empower patients to discover healthier and happier lifestyles. While other programs attempt to combine various disciplines of medicine, these programs rarely work, primarily due to financial concerns. However, our program is different. By combining medical weight management, surgical weight management, and a psychosocial support structure, as well as post-surgical body-contouring, we have managed to develop a program that helps patients complete their health journeys in a convenient and affordable manner.

At the core of our program is the understanding that obesity is a disease that requires proper evaluation, understanding, and treatment. Obesity is a disease that is poorly understood by the medical community and society. Our goal is to provide an individualize and compassionate approach to the treatment of obesity in a single program. The staff at HLB have been carefully selected and educated to recognize obesity as a disease and treat each patient with the dignity and respect they deserve.
The Healthy Life Bariatrics program

Pre Surgery: Patient Education, Medical & Lifestyle Assessment, and Behavior Modification

HLB strives to prepare you for a new chapter of your life. Our first goal is to redefine you and your health so you can make better life decisions moving forward for you and your family. A major aspect of our program is educating you about the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet while empowering you with the knowledge of how to use your new body. Each program is tailored to the individual, which means that your program will be 100% unique and based on your medical, physical, and emotional states. We provide you with the methods and tools to be successful in your weight loss journey. We listen to your concerns, evaluate your needs, and treat you with respect and compassion. First and foremost, we must complete a multidisciplinary group evaluation, which includes a nutritional, physical and phycological evaluation. Following that assessment, your nurse case manager will coordinate your needs and strategize the best treatment plan to achieve your goals.

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The ultimate goal of our program is to help you achieve Healthy Life Weight, which is a stable weight range that allows the body to remain in a physiologically and psychologically balanced state. As with most patients, you may find that you are no longer as consumed by hunger at this weight, and your energy levels will feel more optimized as you are overcome with a new sense of vitality. The recognition of this balance is a critical aspect of all that we do at Healthy Life Bariatrics. We work with patients to get them to their Healthy Life Weight and maintain that balance indefinitely. This is a very sensitive part of our treatment approach and one that is not often appreciated by other programs that are driven by case volume rather than results. Our program treats you as an individual, not just another number. We will follow you closely along your health journey to ensure your balanced progress. At each individual meeting, you will be monitored on specific parameters assessing your healthy life goals, including dietary balance, daily exercise routine, and your psychological state.

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